Fees & PayPal

Important Note

All payments made to MASCA must be paid in United States funds only. Out of country personal checks are acceptable; however, the words “PAYABLE IN U.S. FUNDS” must appear on the check, and International Money Orders must be negotiable in U.S. Funds.

If you wish to pay by PayPal or credit card:

  1. Contact the Treasurer at treasurer@mascaonline.com with your registration requirements.
  2. You will receive an invoice showing the Invoice/Reference number and exact payment amount from the Treasurer.
  3. Enter the Reference # below and press the Pay Now button.
  4. In the next screen, enter the payment amount in the Item price field, along with your PayPal or credit card information.
  5. The Treasurer will let you know when your payment has processed.
  6. After your payment has processed, print a copy of your invoice. A copy of the PayPal invoice MUST accompany paperwork mailed to Treasurer. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL DELAY PROCESSING OF YOUR PAPERWORK until invoice IS received by Treasurer.

Reference #

Schedule of Fees

(New fee schedule as of Jan. 1, 2013)
(Add $20.00 to all registration fees for non members)

Membership Domestic/Foreign

Single/1 vote: $15.00/year
Family/2 votes: $20.00/year
Junior: $7.50/year

Registration Fees

Individual (add $20 for non-members; add $5 for foreign certificates)

0-6 Months $10.00
7-12 Months $15.00
13-24 Months $20.00
over 24 Months $35.00


Doubled if no clearances.
0-6 Months $5.00 per puppy
7-12 Months $5.00 per puppy, plus $25.00 premium
13-24 Months $5.00 per puppy, plus $35.00 premium
over 24 Months $5.00 per puppy, plus $50.00 premium

Other Fees

Transfer of Registration: $15.00
Duplicate Registration: $15.00
Lease: $15.00
Special: $20.00
Hardship: $50.00  ($20 per registration through 6-30-2013)
Limited to Full: $15.00
LEP: $20.00
Pedigree Request: $15.00
Kennel Name Registration: $30.00 for 5 years
Kennel Name Renewal: $20.00
Kennel Name add/delete/change: $10.00
Kennel Name Duplicate Certificate: $10.00
Abandoned Renewal: $25.00
Breeder Directory: $25.00
BRB Directory: $10.00
(BRB 20% discount on all fees)

Certificate Fees

HOF Certificate: $10.00
Ch Certificate: $10.00
Gr Ch Certificate: $10.00
Dup Certificate: $12.50
Herding Instinct: $10.00 ($10.00 additional if not MASCA registered)